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Machineries for the bedding industry, fly-comb systems, customisation on industrial machineries and maintenance: 50years of of knowledge and expertise at your service.

Design comes from experience


Montenero is a highly specialized company. We supply applications for carding machine manufacturer all over the world. We’ve designed and built innovative machines for the bedding industry starting from real needs of companies involved in the sector and operators. In addition to design and manufacturing, we also make highly qualified maintenance for the bedding industry in Prato area and Tuscany. Discover more details browsing.

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date_range 05 November 2019 access_time 11.51.13

Montenero: Made in Italy

Montenero OMTP: This is why Made in Italy really means Quality

Germans are accurate, the chinese are economics, Italians do high quality products. Does it make sense, in 2019, this type of vision? Does it make sense to talk about the superiority of Made in Italy in a technical sector like that of mechanics, of applications for industrial equipmnets?

montenero made in italy

The question is not rhetorical at all. On the contrary, this is a question that many companies ask themselves every day. Companies that have to decide who’ll design and manufacture machines and equipment they’re going to work every day. It is a question that has important implications for the company and a direct economic impact. Both a direct impact (buying price of a machinery or component) and in the medium/long term (efficiency, cost of maintenance, service life of the equipment/machine purchased).

At Montenero, we can boast of providing a completely Made in Italy product; based on first level components from Italy or Europe.

To insist a lot on the Made in Italy, for us, it’s not flag-waving. We are certain it is an added value and a guarantee for quality; in the following article we’ll explain why.

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date_range 23 July 2019 access_time 12.21.07

Summer Holidays

We will be closed from 12 to 25 August for summer holidays!


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