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Montenero O.M.T.P. Officina Meccanica s.a.s. • via Strozzi, 64 - 59013 Montemurlo - PO Italy • PHONE +39 0574 650737 - FAX +39 0574 650743 • VAT 00287150973

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Border Machine MAGO 2.0

High-speed border machine and wide working width (up to mm800) to embroider mattress border combining various layers of fabrics. Central unit is represented by the new sewing head MULTINERO 500. It’s a high-speed multineedle sewing machine, completely engineered by Montenero, working without vibrations. It has an adjustable mechanic puller to ease traction of fabric. A set of feeders is installed on a slide and ready to use. The machine is supplemented with two creels: a movable creel for yarns and one for fabrics.

montenero -MAGO 2.0

montenero - MAGO 2.0

montenero - MAGO 2.0


  • Multineedle sewing machine ensures efficiency and high-speed production up to 1600RPM. Working width of product can be up to 80cm.
  • Internal lighting
  • Feeders are installed on a movable roller cab to ease any maintenance on the machine. Entry feeder can be set up according to your needs.
  • Rollers on puller have pneumatic control. This helps in getting a fast set-up.
  • Entry creel is equipped with fast block joint and it can be easily customized. Every support is equipped with a sensor to detect the presence of fabric.
  • Adjustable working speed
  • Step-by-step function
  • Guaranteed torque at low speed
  • Easy drawing-in
  • Possible to equip the machine with with all requirement necessary to INDUSTRY 4.0

montenero - MAGO 2.0

montenero - MAGO 2.0


  • Frontal roller equipped with a multi-plate friction to allow direct setting of traction according to fabric in use.
  • "NO MAINTANANCE" Montenero lateral cutters: High-efficiency lateral cutters designed by Montenero. No maintenance needed. Autosharpening blades.