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Montenero O.M.T.P. Officina Meccanica s.a.s. • via Strozzi, 64 - 59013 Montemurlo - PO Italy • PHONE +39 0574 650737 - FAX +39 0574 650743 • VAT 00287150973

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Packing Machine ARPI 10


montenero - Arrotolatore ARPI 10 montenero - Arrotolatore ARPI 10 montenero - Arrotolatore ARPI 10 montenero - Arrotolatore ARPI 10montenero - Arrotolatore ARPI 10

Automatic system to pack pillows in a roll shape. This device can process min 6pillows per minute (if single pieces). The system is equipped with a PLC touch interface for intuitive management of all parameters and operations. It’s possible to set film tension (to determine final diameter of the roll) and length of the tail of the film. Conical rolling system (patented by Montenero), ensures a regular shape to the roll. At the same time avoids problems during extraction phase. Welding and cut are controlled by an energy-saving impulse thermoregulator assuring a control of the temperature that can’t be compared to standard devices.


Referring to the attached pictures, we here below illustrate main characteristics of the machine:

  • Brushless motorisation: optimisation of speed during working cycle
  • Structure designed to take up a minimal amount of space
  • Welding and cutting are controlled by impulse technology
  • Easily adjustable collection drawer
  • Adjustable exit diameter of pillow and length of plastic film
  • Ergonomic safety protections to guarantee easy intervention.
  • Max recorder timing for rolling cycle of 10sec/pc
  • Geared for INDUSTRY 4.0.
  • Control logic
  • CE marking