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Machineries for the bedding industry, fly-comb systems, customisation on industrial machineries and maintenance: 50years of of knowledge and expertise at your service.

Design comes from experience


Montenero is a highly specialized company. We supply applications for carding machine manufacturer all over the world. We’ve designed and built innovative machines for the bedding industry starting from real needs of companies involved in the sector and operators. In addition to design and manufacturing, we also make highly qualified maintenance for the bedding industry in Prato area and Tuscany. Discover more details browsing.

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date_range 04 Maggio 2021 access_time 12.04.52

MBS Air Table

Simple and effective work equipment

The air table is specially designed to reduce one of the most common problems encountered by mattress manufacturers (as well as other manufacturers using similar procedures): the large weight and physical bulk of some components being processed, such as the mattress covers.

Banco Soffiante - Montenero

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date_range 20 Aprile 2021 access_time 12.26.08

Electronic Generation Over 3500

A new generation of fly comb systems: Electronic Generation Over 3500, electronically controlled doffing concept. This sysem is able to pass 2950rpm with a stroke up to mm55. Available with a working width up to 3,5mt without central support.

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date_range 02 Marzo 2021 access_time 17.31.04

Cutting Kit

Cutting unit for mattress manufacturers: efficient and low-maintenance

What is required of a good cutting kit? To summarize the features that an application of this kind should have, we should certainly mention:

  • Effectiveness: it must ensure a clean, straight, defect-free cut.
  • Consistent long-term performance...
  • ...and, closely related to this aspect, minimal maintenance!

And we at Officina Meccanica Montenero moved in precisely this direction to fine-tune our cutting applications: creating innovative solutions able to maintain very high long-term efficiency, reducing the need for maintenance to a minimum.

Montenero - Cutting Kit

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