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Machineries for the bedding industry, fly-comb systems, customisation on industrial machineries and maintenance: 50years of of knowledge and expertise at your service.

Design comes from experience


Montenero is a highly specialized company. We supply applications for carding machine manufacturer all over the world. We’ve designed and built innovative machines for the bedding industry starting from real needs of companies involved in the sector and operators. In addition to design and manufacturing, we also make highly qualified maintenance for the bedding industry in Prato area and Tuscany. Discover more details browsing.

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date_range 16 Febbraio 2021 access_time 12.38.21

Fly-combs MB-pav

High speed fly comb system for high production

MB-pav Montenero
MB-pav Montenero
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date_range 12 Gennaio 2021 access_time 17.52.47

MAGO 2.0

MAGO 2.0 border machine for mattresses: a completely new concept 

The MAGO 2.0 Border Machine has a special place among the many excellent pieces of equipment in our catalogue for mattress manufacturers.

Indeed, we are particularly proud of the innovations introduced with this new machine, which we presented during the recent trade fairs.

Montenero - Mago 2.0

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date_range 19 Dicembre 2020 access_time 12.13.07

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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