Machinery for the bedding industry, fly-comb systems, customisation on industrial machinery and maintenance: 50 years of knowledge and expertise at your service.

Montenero is a highly specialized company. We supply applications for carding machine manufacturers all over the world. We’ve designed and built innovative machines for the bedding industry starting from the real needs of companies and operators involved in the sector. In addition to design and manufacturing, we also make highly qualified maintenance for the bedding industry in Prato and Tuscany area. Discover more details on our site.

Montenero - pettini staccavelo


Fly combs are one of the most important parts of a carding machine

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Montenero - macchine da materassi

Machine for Mattresses

Study, design and construction of machines for the mattress industry.

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Montenero - Agugliatura


Needle board maintenance service, using a special machine of our production.

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ITMA 2023 • STAND H10 - A305

date_range 14 March 2023 access_time 11:47

ITMA 2023 • STAND H10 - A305 | Montenero

From Jun 8th to Jun 14th all textile manufacturing lead companies will meet at ITMA, the world’s largest and most important international textile technology exhibition.

As Montenero, we’ll be there in this important occasion. We’ll show our technological innovations that will help you grow and improve your business.

You’ll find us at H10-A305, as textile machinery manufacturers, to display our solutions for the textile, nonwoven, needle-punching and ironing sectors.

For more info CONTACT US

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Remote Assistance

date_range 02 September 2022 access_time 16:36

Those who work in the manufacturing sector know that very often, the resources and costs related to equipment maintenance represent a rather large part of the overall company's investment. It can happen that a machine suddenly stops working due to a fault or malfunction, causing severe inconvenience to the whole production. Quick technical assistance intervention is essential in this case. But what if this is based in another city or another country?

With Montenero there is no problem, thanks to remote assistance.

For years now, we have been able to remotely connect to the machine that needs inspection and check if there are electronic or mechanical issues to help the customer.

Remote assistance is provided over the Internet and allows considerable savings in terms of time and cost. Indeed, remote service enables us to:

  • intervene on the equipment as quickly as possible, reducing the duration of any downtime;  
  • intervene rapidly even in facilities located anywhere in the world and far from the Montenero service centre;
  • avoid on-site technician intervention and its relative cost.

And if on-site intervention becomes necessary, remote assistance can detect the problem before the departure of our technician, making intervention faster and more effective.

We want to provide an efficient maintenance service because we keep an unmistakable imprint in our DNA: the eye and hand of those used to working and solving problems on these machines.

We pride ourselves on building devices bearing in mind those people that every day will have to sit at the workstations we design, and those who will have to carry out ordinary maintenance and, sooner or later, make repairs or adjustments to the machine to meet new requirements.

We put attention and passion.

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Needle Board Maintenance with VSC1000

date_range 19 June 2021 access_time 18:49

Montenero offers the maintenance service for needle boards. We’ve designed a special machines to do this; VSC1000.

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