Cross Cutting Kit

The longitudinal cutting kit is suitable for any kind of material, indeed it is appreciated by both mattress manufacturers and all companies that process non-wovens. It is made of high-strength steel, which ensures a long-lasting blade and the possibility of many sharpenings.

The design and construction of the system are in-house so that we have maximum control over every stage of production and maximum flexibility on customisation. In this way, we can meet our customers' manufacturing requirements without compromising the efficiency of the machining process.
Officina Meccanica Montenero's longitudinal cutting kit offers competitive technical performance: fabrics are cut to the desired shape with powerful tools, and the system ensures reliable fixing of the material in the work area.

Montenero - Cross Cutting Kit
Montenero - Cross Cutting Kit
Montenero - Cross Cutting Kit

Outstanding quality.

Officina Meccanica Montenero guarantees technology and performance of the highest level, in line with the high performance now achieved by modern production chains.
Intelligent control systems, innovation, technology and precision engineering result in a structure that guarantees top-quality products.

Key Features:

  • High-strength cutting tool steel, which ensures long blade life and the possibility of many sharpenings
  • A solid structure made from a block through C.N.C. and self-aligning assembly ensures the necessary stiffness for a punctual, precise and flawless cut.
  • Adjustable pneumatic drive