Vertical Warehouse

The vertical warehouse is the perfect tool for those who want to automate and speed up production through the temporary storage of mattresses.

It consists of two frames with metal shelves moved by a lift, which allows for storage stock of mattresses, making maximum use of the height space and reducing the surface area occupied in the work environment. The size of the structure can vary depending on the size of the factory.

The vertical warehouse is a useful storage system to compensate for different processing times within mattress production.

Montenero - Vertical Warehouse
Montenero - Vertical Warehouse
Montenero - Vertical Warehouse

At Montenero, we equip our vertical warehouses with a touchscreen control panel, with user-friendly graphics, for the selection of the mattress output order, and we implement each system to achieve maximum quality and productivity. We use only the best materials and, thanks to our experienced technicians, we provide full support (including remote assistance).

The machine shown in the pictures has the following characteristics:

  • Fixed Distance between shelves
  • 10 Fixed shelves with a distance of 40 cm
  • Possibility to exclude the warehouse
  • Light and optimized structure. Minimum installation space required
  • No displacement of the current line
  • Easy setup of the machine. The user can easily reach all the parts of the machine
  • Remote assistance
  • High-quality PLC