Needle Board Maintenance

Officina Meccanica Montenero offers the maintenance service for needle boards. We’ve designed a special machine to do this; VSC1000.

  • Fast work

  • No damage for needle boards

  • Possibility of detecting and replacing broken needles only

Maintenance can be done on all kinds of needle boards usually available on the market. Service can be tailored according to different solutions.

The automated system allows high efficiency and a better result compared to the hand-made process. The precision of the device provides replacement of needles without any damage to holes or board, a problem that can occur with manual work. Moreover, the device provides a backup with the information of the board and the operations performed, and can automatically update the database. This will provide statistics and useful data for the optimisation of the service for each of our customers.

Montenero - Needle Board Maintenance
Montenero - Needle Board Maintenance
Montenero - Needle Board Maintenance

Characteristics of the service:

  • We can insert up to 3200 needles per hour abt;
  • Extraction is 4000 needles per hour abt;

Our service also allows the automated detection and replacement of broken needles only