Automatic needle changing machine for needle board maintenance, suitable for all needle board patterns available on the market.

N2-PO provides greater efficiency and a better result than manual maintenance work, saving time and resources. Equipped with cutting-edge technology for high-precision manufacturing, it reduces the risk of plate abrasion and facilitates the correct orientation of needles during insertion.

Innovative System

Needle analysis and replacement of damaged or bent needles take place in record time! It only takes 1 minute for the board identification process, thanks to a modern, integrated camera, which enables the recognition process to be carried out with maximum precision. Then, the machine proceeds with the extraction and replacement in autonomy.



N2-PO is able to create a complete database of all operations carried out in a given period: the operator only has to select the board, choose which operation to carry out and start the machine.

It is also possible to customise the work on a single board, for example by storing specific areas where no needles should be inserted.

Reliability and safety

Thanks to its long-standing knowledge of the sector, Officina Meccanica Montenero ensures a long-lasting automated maintenance system that optimises the use of human resources, making the entire process safer.

Montenero - N2-PO

Key Features:

  • Linear motorisation for movement.
  • Removable components.
  • Touch interface with 20-inch panel.
  • Remote assistance service included.