The company was born 50 years ago as a family-owned business focusing on the production of fly-comb systems.


Important for its development is the creation of a digital fly comb model.

An innovation that confirmed the quality and reliability of its product worldwide and has enabled it to maintain this supremacy to this day.

Montenero fly-comb systems are supplied to the textile industry in all countries with prevalence in Europe and North America.

Our interest in the bedding industry dates back to the late 2000s.

Capitalising on a long experience in maintenance service, we developed a few prototypes. It was 2012 when Officina Meccanica Montenero acquired the brand, production and facilities of M.G.M. Mattress Machines based in Finale Emilia. This was a company with more than 50 years of presence in the bedding industry.


Since then, the company grew and in August 2016 it was decided to move to a new, bigger facility more appropriate for our needs.