Machinery for the bedding industry, fly-comb systems, customisation on industrial machinery and maintenance: 50 years of knowledge and expertise at your service.

Montenero is a highly specialized company. We supply equipments to carding machines manufacturing companies all over the world. Starting from the real needs of companies and operators, we’ve designed and built innovative machines for the bedding industry, needle-punching sector and industrial ironing target.

Montenero - Fly-combs


A business started in 1980, at present we're worldwide leading manufacturer.

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Montenero - Machine for Mattresses

Machine for Mattresses

We design and manufacture machines for the bedding industry

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Montenero - Needle Board Maintenance Machines

Needle Board Maintenance Machines

We develop automatic systems to improve workflow efficiency

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Montenero - Ironing Machines

Ironing Machines

We build high-performance machines for industrial ironing

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Do not stop production! Contact the support service at headset_micSUPPORT for immediate assistance.

The remote assistance service allows you to quickly resolve most technical issues on all industrial machinery of our production.

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Ego 3500 - touch screen

date_range 24 April 2024 access_time 10:22

Now it's possible to upgrade all EGO 3500 SBD flycombs with a new touchscreen panel, which provides the opportunity for remote software assistance.

This brings significant benefits in terms of performance, efficiency, and ease of use, helping to maintain competitiveness.

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We produce blades

date_range 26 March 2024 access_time 09:43

We produce blades with a customised design, to meet any customer request.

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Thank you for the feedback.

date_range 12 March 2024 access_time 10:03

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