Textile Comb Blades

Montenero - Textile Blades for Fly Comb

The textile blades for fly combs systems are available in various models:

Simple Blades

Blades for fly comb systems, suitable for slightly greasy and dirty synthetic or natural fibres. 

Special Profiles

Blades for fly comb systems are particularly suitable for wool and natural fibres, even greasy or dirty ones. Stronger than simple blades, especially those with low TPI (8z – 6z – 4z). Recommended on the first and second machines.

Montenero - blade
Montenero - blade
Montenero - blade

MONTENERO is also able to produce blades with a customised design, to meet any customer request.

Some examples of different TPI:   

  • blades with TPI from 4/5/6/8 synthetic fibre 
  • blades with 10 TPI natural fibre
  • blades with 11 TPI natural/wool fibre
  • blades with 14 TPI universal
  • blades with 16 TPI natural fibre/ wool, hemp, linen
  • blades with 17 TPI natural fibre/ wool, hemp, linen
  • blades with 19 TPI natural fibre/ wool, hemp, linen