The Master Gearbox is suitable for any type of fly comb.

Its design, based on a new design, provides:

    This type of gearbox can be mounted on the right or left side of the carding machine. The MB/N version can be converted by opening the gearbox and re-arranging the internal parts, the MB/HS version is reversible by simply moving the parts.
    The disadvantages of traditional boxes have been removed and re-designed with heavy-duty bearings
    The special design of the MB gearbox considerably simplifies maintenance and repair operations.
Montenero - Gearboxes
Montenero - Gearboxes
Montenero - Gearboxes

AZ Gearbox

Gearbox for fly comb system. Designed to replace NT OASAT (HDB) gearboxes. Available with a 30 – 35 – 40 mm stroke. Custom-made pulley.

OASAT Spare parts

Complete set of spares for this type of gearbox: NT - VT - BON - GAR - P40 - AL3000 - 2M ex OASAT.

OMTP Gearbox

Complete set of gearboxes for the OMPT system and their spare parts. OMPT fly combs have been installed for more than 40 years on Befama, Bematic, Bo.Ma.Tex, Cormatex, F.O.R., Houget Duesberg Bosson, Mackie, Octir, Ramella, Spinnbau, Tatham, Tecnotex Biella, etc.