Bench MPM

The driven conveyor is a system for the easy transportation of products and components.

It belongs to the roller conveyor category but does not have any rollers, it is composed of a single conveyor belt, completely smooth which prevents the accumulation of dirt or the formation of tears in delicate products.

Since sometimes materials can get marked with small impurities during transport, it can be useful to use different systems that can be integrated with each other. The roller conveyor can be used in the first stage of processing, and, subsequently, the motorised bench can be brought into line (e.g. when stitching mattress covers).

Officina Meccanica Montenero provides production handling solutions specifically designed to improve and maximise the production line.

Montenero - Bench MPM
Montenero - Bench MPM
Montenero - Bench MPM

We can guide you through the selection of the best solution for your company according to the actual space available, helping you optimise the production process.

Our MPM benches are easy and light to assemble but also to move, thanks to their structure that guarantees strength and low weight.

Key Features:

  • Modular structure designed to ensure stiffness and low weight. The work surface (conveyor belt) can be separated from the body to optimise transport costs.
  • Bench size are 4000mmx2000mm
  • Stainless steel support frames (various sizes available)
  • Single conveyor belt, controlled by an inverter. Speed control via potentiometer. Forward/reverse control via foot switch.
  • Machine control panel is equipped with an auxiliary reset, emergency mushroom push button and speed potentiometer.
  • Dual levelling option to ensure a greater working range (coarse and fine height adjustment).