Packing Machine ARPI

The ARPI automatic packing pillow system is an essential machinery in mattresses because it allows to reduce the bulky volumes of a pillow or mattress, facilitates handling and offers better packaging to the customer.

It is characterised by being fast and easy to operate. Indeed, it is equipped with an intuitive PLC touchscreen display for all work parameters. In addition, maintenance requirements are greatly reduced and more practical.

Thanks to the Packing Machine ARPI it is possible to manage the film tension (i.e. the final diameter of the roll) and the length of the tail. The Conical winding system (patented) ensures that the roll has a regular shape and, at the same time, prevents problems in the extraction phase. Both sealing and cutting are controlled by pulse thermoregulators to ensure temperature control and energy savings compared to the standards.

ARPI is already available in three different versions:

The original ARPI10 is designed exclusively for pillows.

  • Work cycle: 6sec/pc abt
  • Max usable working width: mm 460 abt

 The ARPI Special is designed for pillows and baby mattresses.

  • Work cycle: 10sec/pc abt
  • Max usable working width: mm 660 abt

The ARPI Maxi is designed for pillows, baby mattresses and toppers.

  • Work cycle: 15sec/pc abt
  • Max usable working width: mm 960 abt

With various models available, all you need to do is to choose which might suit you best, according to your needs: from maximum working speed to maximum flexibility.

Montenero - ARPI
Montenero - ARPI
Montenero - ARPI

Key Features:

  • Brushless drive motor: optimum speed control during the cycle
  • Optimised support structure
  • Final sealing and cutting made by pulse technology
  • Adjustable product collection tank
  • Adjustable final diameter of the roll-packed pillow and the length of the film tail
  • Ergonomic safety protection to ensure ease of access
  • Maximum time for one roll packing cycle: 10s
  • Equipped for industry 4.0
  • Control logic (PLC)
  • Fully CE certified