Ego 3500 SBD

The new generation of fly comb systems: Electronic Generation Over 3500, electronically controlled doffing concept. This system is capable of exceeding 2950 strokes per minute with a stroke length of up to 55 mm. Available with a working width of up to 3.5 m without central support.

The system includes

  • Steel bars with clamp pillars: this ensures high rigidity without compromising mechanical strength.
  • Torsion bar: to control vibrations
  • Blade as per request. According to production requirement
  • Customised Brushless Motor: Montenero developed a reinforced motor that can withstand the stress of oscillatory movement. The low level of committed power (<0.8 kW) ensures long life and considerable cost savings
  • High-efficiency pneumatic clutch
Montenero - Ego 3500 SBD
Montenero - Ego 3500 SBD
Montenero - Ego 3500 SBD
Montenero Touch screen Ego 3500

Ego 3500 - touch screen

Now it's possible to upgrade all EGO 3500 SBD flycombs with a new touchscreen panel, which provides the opportunity for remote software assistance.

This brings significant benefits in terms of performance, efficiency, and ease of use, helping to maintain competitiveness.

The EGO 3500 system is equipped with SBD Safe Blade Device.

The system stops the comb motor and card before the comb blade and doffer wire are damaged.

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The system works regularly

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Exceeding fibres accumulated but no danger

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Severe exceeding fibres accumulated and the system stops

ACQUISITION FLY-COMB MEASUREMENT - Download the PDF form here, available in: