Mattress Lifting Machine M2MS

The M2MS mattress lifting machine is designed to solve the problem of occupational safety.

It can lift up to 50 kg of rolled-up mattresses ready for boxing. This saves the workers' labour costs and prevents them from serious injuries. Only one operator is needed to run the machine.

Thanks to the use of this device, there will be no problems: the system has mechanical support that lifts the mattress to a conveyor roller, and then the machine tilts to place the mattress directly into the box. At this point, the operator only has to collect the box ready for shipment.

Montenero - M2MS
Montenero - M2MS
Montenero - M2MS

The mattress lifter from Officina Meccanica Montenero is safe and reliable because we are the made in Italy technology at the service of your business.

  • Maximum liftable weight: 50kg
  • Maximum mattress height: 2m
  • Possibility of using boxes of various sizes with variable height
  • Possibility of selecting lifting mode: automatic or manual
  • Fully CE certified