Checking Bench

The need for top-quality products and cutting-edge innovations requires regular and careful testing, which is why the checking bench was created: a machine to control the quality of mattresses.

It is a simple but important component to detecting manufacturing imperfections. It is equipped with powerful motorised rollers, a turntable and a flipping device that can be pneumatic or electric. It can also be installed in series with our bench MPM, or it can work on a normal conveyor belt.

This inspection machine is capable of rotating 360°, lifting and flipping large and heavy mattresses without any effort from the operator. The user can thus easily and independently handle the inspection of the products, avoiding heavy labour.

Montenero - Checking Bench

Automated systems, such as our Mattress Quality Control Machine, are designed specifically to increase productivity because they create a better workflow and reduce human error.

Here at Montenero we always guarantee the best possible offer in terms of quality, innovation and service.