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Who we are

Officina Meccanica Montenero’s strengths are its high level of specialisation and technical expertise, its commitment to facing the needs of each customer and the reliability of the machines.


Montenero has been in the market for over 50 years and offers design, manufacturing and maintenance of machines for the textile industry. The production focuses on fly-comb systems and machines for the bedding industry.

Fly combs 

Our company manufactures fly-comb systems for carding machines; both mechanical and electronics.

All applications are designed and manufactured focusing on the quality of the final product, to help our customers improve their efficiency.

Check the website to see all types of fly-comb systems we can supply and other available applications

Montenero - fly combs
Montenero - fly combs
Montenero - fly combs

Machines for the Bedding Industry

Tape edge machines, border machines, presses: Officina Meccanica Montenero's machinery are the result of extensive experience gained working on maintenance at major mattress manufacturers. We also take care of all the input from corporate managers and operators that work every day with the machines we produce.

The result of this attention to customer needs is machines that are particularly reliable and ergonomic.

The possibility of shutdowns is minimised. Dimensions, spaces, and angles are designed to favour the comfort of the worker: day after day, working is safer and more comfortable and all the small problems that slow down productivity are drastically reduced.

Check the website to see all types of mattress machines

Montenero - Machine for Mattresses
Montenero - Machine for Mattresses
Montenero - Machine for Mattresses

Qualified Maintenance Service

We perform maintenance service on machines for the bedding industry for companies, in Tuscany, that request it.

In addition to maintenance, modifications and upgrades are also planned and performed on existing machinery to improve its functionality or adapt it to the customer's needs.