Longitudinal Cutting Kit

A high-performance longitudinal cutting kit that ensures a perfect, clean cut on any fabric.

This application can be installed on almost any machine and, when necessary, specific customisations can be made to the cutting kit to make it compatible with the customer's production lines.
At Officina Meccanica Montenero, we aim to create innovative systems capable of maintaining a very high level of efficiency over time while reducing maintenance to a minimum. We know how routine operations, such as the sharpening of blades, are a cost for factories because they force production lines to stop.
The longitudinal cutting kit can be used continuously for two to three years without the need for any maintenance or sharpening. This is possible thanks to the use of self-sharpening cutting blades, which do not require mechanical sharpening and the use of lubrication-free slides.

Montenero - Longitudinal Cutting Kit
Montenero - Longitudinal Cutting Kit
Montenero - Longitudinal Cutting Kit

At Montenero we have worked to design cutting-edge applications able to meet the needs of manufacturers better than other solutions on the market.

Key features:

  • Maintenance-free and sharpening-free blades. Discs do NOT need mechanical sharpening
  • High-strength blade steel
  • The two cutting bodies are mounted on maintenance-free and lubrication-free slides for a clean, easy and immediate set-up.
  • Modular system. Ensures extremely versatile assembly possibilities, offering possibilities for working in any direction