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The innovative BAM lockstich border machine can make in-continuous or jump sticthes on a mattress border of mm500. Thanks to the experience and know-how, at Montenero we've designed the BAM enhancing ergonomics. This machine can guarantee the operator an easy accessible wide working space.

main features:

  • Working width of product can be up to 500mm
  • Big touch screen display
  • easy setting of design from the monitor
  • Possibility to save settings and designs
  • automatic management for crochet replacement (the heads automatically move into maintenance position for the replacement of crochets; without loosing any data)
  • possibility to repeat a missing design (separate managenet of the sewing heads)
  • front safety barriers and rear liftable protection, guarantee easy access to all parts.
  • resting position includes the possibility to overturn sewing heads for maintenance operation.
  • this machine can work in-continuous (by installing our MAGO 2.0 border machine) or with prepackaged rolls.
  • B&R b&r Control Logic
  • remote assistance
  • equipped for industry 4.0

Some drawings present in the initial configuration of the machine: