We design machines and applications following two guidelines typical of all our production:


We focus on a few types of products so that the result is accurate. Each piece is the outcome of deep industry knowledge. This is how our fly-combs have been made since the very beginning of the company.

This is how our machines for the bedding industry are made too. They are the outcome of deep know-how that comes both from direct experience and the heritage of MGM.



It is easier and more comfortable to work with our machines because we take care of details. It’s a matter of corners, workspace and intuitive controls.

These attentions are only possible thanks to those who have observed, day after day, the thousands of problems that occur during production. Our machines actively contribute both to the productivity of the company and the well-being of the operators.

All design work is done in-house, thanks to our expertise and software equipment.

In this way, we can guarantee better service to our customers. We can tailor the project to your company without compromising the final result.

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