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Officina Meccanica Montenero has developed a new solution to run the old Thibeau D.U.R. electrical system. By integrating the SBD EGO 3500 technology, the new system solves all problems related to reliability, control and starting of the Thibeau D.U.R.

Montenero - Ego DUR
Montenero - Ego DUR
Montenero - Ego DUR

Compulsory Parts

  • Control Panel
    The replacement of the control cabinet and the drive systems offers the possibility of direct control of the electrical fly comb, with the regulation of the amplitude.
  • Electrical Motor
    The single-phase electrical motor has to be replaced with a brushless motor designed by Montenero.
  • Pneumatic Clutch
    The actual D.U.R. clutch can be upgraded with a pneumatic device to automatically control the working and parking position (no manual operation).
Montenero - Ego DUR
Montenero - Ego DUR
Montenero - Ego DUR

Optional Parts

  • Torsion bar
    After the above upgrades, if required, it is possible to replace the original torsion bar with a new one, equipped with a special joint for fixing in the clutch. The mechanical characteristic of the fly comb will remain the same.