Border Machine MAGO 2.0

High-speed border machine with wide working width (up to mm800) to embroider mattress borders and joint different layers of fabrics together.

The main body of the machine consists of the new sewing head MULTINERO 500, a high-speed multi-needle sewing machine, manufactured by Montenero, with original components. The main differences between this model from analogues on the market are its capability of sustaining very high sewing speeds, or sewing at normal speeds with greater accuracy, low noise levels, and minimum vibration.

Montenero - MAGO 2
Montenero - MAGO 2
Montenero - MAGO 2

The MAGO 2.0 Border Machine is also equipped with an adjustable mechanical puller for the traction of fabric and a configurable set of feeders, installed on a slide. The machine is equipped with two creels: a movable creel for yarns, and one with an easy configuration for fabric entry.

The MAGO 2.0 fully reflects our special focus on the operators who will have to work with it, and it facilitates maintenance requirements, which are greatly reduced.

Key Features:

  • Multi-needle sewing machine ensures efficiency and high-speed production up to 1600RPM. The working width of the product can be up to 80 cm
  • Internal lighting
  • Feeders are installed on a movable roller cab to ease any maintenance on the machine. Entry feeders can be set up according to your needs
  • Pneumatic roller opening for easy loading
  • The entry creel is equipped with Quick Locking joints and it can be easily customized
  • Every support is equipped with a sensor to detect the presence of fabric
  • Adjustable working speed
  • Step-by-step function
  • Guaranteed torque at low speed
  • Easy drawing-in
  • Possibility to equip the machine with INDUSTRY 4.0 devices
Montenero - MAGO 2
Montenero - MAGO 2


Several optional extras are available:

  • The frontal winder is equipped with a multi-plate clutch and controlled winding ("dancer"), which ensure regular and uniform traction over the entire length of the band.
  • Highly efficient "NO MAINTENANCE" cutting system (designed by MONTENERO) for bands. The constant and automatic sharpening throughout the entire process avoids downtime for blade replacement and any risks resulting from automatic sharpening with stones