The JF-888 professional ironing machine for knitwear is designed to offer high productivity, as well as significant energy efficiency and time-saving.

Designed with a tilted worktable to facilitate the operator's task, it is equipped with high-precision tools: a pneumatic shape system suitable for body, neck-shoulder and automatic sleeves devices. In addition, steam is released from the working surface, which can be regulated by the operator, who can manage the emission time and quantity, preserving the nature of the original fabric.


JF-888 is a product with innovative design and cutting-edge technology, suitable to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

  • It has a heated pressing table with an adjustable system, to allow a perfect finish in record time.
  • It is equipped with an automatic stacker placed at the end of the processing cycle, which reaches a height of up to 80 cm and which makes the machine very flexible, reducing the bulk of the articles.
  • It offers the possibility to automate processes since all the machine functions can be set up and saved by the operator.

Montenero - JF888

JF-888 focuses on energy saving: it is the best solution to achieve efficient performance by lowering costs and consumption and improving professional ironing performance.

All heated parts are insulated with high-performance systems.

Inside the steam table there is nanotechnological insulation and, in addition, the steam itself is channeled only where it is needed, which also results in great savings in heat dissipation.

The entire machine is designed to not dissipate the stored energy.

Key Features

  • Table dimensions (work surface): mm 1800 x 900
  • Customisation of functions.
  • Remote assistance service included.


  • Possibility of installing a small boiler on board.