Border Machine MAGO

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High-speed border machine and wide working width (up to mm800) to embroider mattress border combining various layers of fabrics. Central unit is represented by a multineedle sewing machine. It has an adjustable mechanic puller to ease traction of fabric. A set of feeders is installed on a slide and ready to use. The machine is supplemented with two creels: a movable creel for yarns and one for fabrics.


  • Multineedle sewing machine ensures efficiency and high-speed production up to 8m/min. Working width of product can be up to 80cm (according to model)

  • Feeders are installed on a movable roller cab to ease any maintenance on the machine. Entry feeder can be set up according to your needs.

  • Rollers on puller have pneumatic control. This helps in getting a fast set-up.

  • Entry creel is equipped with fast block joint and it can be easily customized. Every support is equipped with a sensor to detect the presence of fabric

  • Logic: Control logic is in a high-performance PLC. It ensures reliability and the possibility of remote assistance and power control.

  • The machine was designed with all requirement necessary to INDUSTRY 4.0


  • Frontal roller equipped with a multi-plate friction to allow direct setting of traction according to fabric in use.
  • "NO MAINTANANCE" Montenero lateral cutters: High-efficiency lateral cutters designed by Montenero. No maintenance needed. Autosharpening blades.