Border Machine MFL3

High speed machine for straight quilting layers of different materials for mattress side panels.

The machine is composed by three sewing heads in line. These are KANSAI DFB 14-12 each with 12 needles. The machine is also equipped with a material guiding system, high performance edge trimmers, mobile yarn creel, creel for the various materials to be quilted and a roll up for the finished product.

montenero - Fasciatrice Lineare MFL3

montenero - Fasciatrice Lineare MFL3


  • KANSAI DFB 14-12 sewing machines are efficient with production speed up to 20M/min. Side panels up to 30cm wide can be made.
  • Adjustable tension and sewing speed on each sewing head.
  • The sewing machines are mounted on slides for easy setting and maintenance.
  • Pneumatic locking guarantees accurate positioning of the sewing machines.
  • Pneumatic control of the feed rollers enables the machine to be set up quickly and efficiently.
  • Montenero edge cutters are robust and efficient, cutting cleanly through a wide range of materials.
  • The yarn creel is mounted on castors for easy movement and maintenance.
  • The creel for the various materials to be quilted is easy to operate and adjust.
  • The roll up unit is fitted with tension adjustment to accommodate a range of products..


  • Frontal roller equipped with a multi-plate friction to allow direct setting of traction according to fabric in use

  • "NO MAINTANANCE" Montenero lateral cutters: High-efficiency lateral cutters designed by Montenero. No maintenance needed. Autosharpening blades. Shears Cutters High-performance cross cutter assembly. Guarantee a clean and perfect cut on any kind of fabric.