Cutting Machine MTL

Automatic machine for cutting mattress components. Continuous in line production or fed from rolls of fabric.

The machine includes a central conveyor with delivery table for easy material handling and device to change from in line to roll fed production.

montenero - Taglierina Automatica MTL

montenero - Taglierina Automatica MTL


  • Working width up to mm2400

  • Side cutters: "NO MAINTANANCE" Montenero lateral cutters: High-efficiency lateral cutters designed by Montenero. No maintenance needed. Autosharpening blades. new Montenero units designed for longevity and efficiency giving a clear cut on a wide range of materials.

  • Side cutters Can be set to work from mm1750 to mm2300

  • Cross cutter: runs on a low friction rail No lubrication necessary To assist operator, the cross cutter has two working height.

  • Logic: The controls include a PLC giving high efficiency and reliability

  • HMI: TOUCH interface offers intuitive and immediate control of the machine

  • The machine was designed with all requirement necessary to INDUSTRY 4.0