Cutting Kit

date_range 02 March 2021 access_time 17:31

Cutting unit for mattress manufacturers: efficient and low-maintenance

What is required of a good cutting kit? To summarize the features that an application of this kind should have, we should certainly mention:

  • Effectiveness: it must ensure a clean, straight, defect-free cut.
  • Consistent long-term performance...
  • ...and, closely related to this aspect, minimal maintenance!

And we at Officina Meccanica Montenero moved in precisely this direction to fine-tune our cutting applications: creating innovative solutions able to maintain very high long-term efficiency, reducing the need for maintenance to a minimum.

Montenero - Cutting Kit

These applications can be fitted to almost all machines, of course with our technical assistance, and with appropriate customizations to the cutting kit where necessary to make it compatible with your production lines.

Many small tricks used when designing and building the cutting units have made a difference, as well as the original technical solutions specially conceived to reduce the need for maintenance, while maintaining the highest quality. 

For example, the longitudinal cutting kit can be used continuously for two or even three years without the need for any maintenance or sharpening!

This is possible because it has self-sharpening cutting discs that do not require mechanical sharpening, and uses lubrication-free slides: two innovative and extremely effective technical solutions, which have made this innovative application so successful from the outset.

Montenero - Cutting kit
Montenero - cutting kit

Indeed, we know how ordinary steps such as sharpening blades can be a burden to manufacturing: in fact, they force the production lines to stop. Therefore they are often done in too much of a hurry and not optimally, which has a negative impact on final product quality.

Based on this knowledge, we worked to design innovative cutting applications better able to meet manufacturing needs than other similar products on the market.

In fact, our cutting kits are appreciated by both mattress manufacturers and all companies working with non-woven fabrics.

The features of the OMM cutting kit

Both the cross cutting kit and longitudinal cutting kit ensure high performance and a clean, defect-free cut on any fabric.

Both are the result of our innovative approach to mattress manufacturing machinery:  

  • Design and manufacturing entirely in-house for the maximum control over every production stage and the greatest customization flexibility.

  • Attention to ease of use and maintenance.

  • Competitive technical performance.

Technical aspects:

Kit Taglio Longitudinale - Caratteristiche principali:

  • Maintenance-free, self-sharpening blades. The discs DO NOT required mechanical sharpening.

  • High-strength steel blades.

  • The two cutting bodies are mounted on maintenance-free, lubrication-free slides for clean, easy and immediate configuration.

  • Modular system. This offers very versatile mounting options, which can work in any direction.

Longitudinal Cutting Kit - Main features:

  • High-strength free-machining steel, which ensures a long blade life and many sharpening cycles.

  • A solid supporting structure, CNC machined from solid metal and self-aligning assembly ensure the rigidity needed to a precise, defect-free cutting.

  • Adjust pneumatic drive.

If you are interested in our cutting kits for mattresses and non-woven fabrics, please contact us for a no-obligation quotation.