MAGO 2.0

date_range 12 January 2021 access_time 17:52

MAGO 2.0 border machine for mattresses: a completely new concept 

The MAGO 2.0 Border Machine has a special place among the many excellent pieces of equipment in our catalogue for mattress manufacturers.

Indeed, we are particularly proud of the innovations introduced with this new machine, which we presented during the recent trade fairs.

Montenero - Mago 2.0

It uses a totally different concept from the old MAGO border machine for mattresses. Different from our previous machines, certainly, but above all different from any other machine you can find on the market, thanks to in-house design and original components.

Meticulous and careful work has allowed us to create a product with various features that make it stands out in the market.

It can maintain a very high stitching speed, or sew at normal speeds with significantly higher reliability; there are practically no vibrations.

Moreover, this border machine reflects our special attention to the operators who must work with them (e.g. the spaces) and to future maintenance needs, which we have really reduced to a minimum.

Montenero - Mago 2.0
Montenero - Mago 2.0

In this regard, the special system of “no maintenance” cutters that we designed is available on the MAGO 2.0 as an optional. A continual automatic sharpening process ensures that there is no need to replace the blades throughout operation; no mandatory downtime for replacement, no risks associated with automatic sharpening using stones, very high efficiency border trimming.

In fact, many elements are adapted directly to customer needs and optionals. The MAGO 2.0 is therefore ready to meet the needs of every customer (or almost).

The positive feedback we have had for this border machine for mattresses has confirmed that we have taken the right path: a path paved with technical innovation and reliability, efficiency, very high assistance standards, and above all a focus on the relationship with our customers.

The features of the new MAGO 2.0

MAGO 2.0 is a high-speed border machine with a large working height (up to 800 mm) for embroidering the side borders of mattresses and coupling different layers of material. 

The central body of the machine is composed of the new MULTINERO 500 head: a multi-needle, high-speed, vibration-free sewing machine, completely engineered by Montenero. The Multinero 500 has an adjustable mechanical puller to pull the fabric, and a configurable set of feeders installed on a slide. 

Two creels complete the machine: one mobile for the thread, and one configurable to help the fabric enter.

Montenero - Mago 2.0
Montenero - Mago 2.0

Technical aspects:

Here we list the main features (standard and optional) of the MAGO 2.0 border machine as given in the technical data sheet.


La macchina da cucire multi-ago garantisce efficienza ed elevata velocità di produzione fino a 1600RPM, con possibilità di produzione per fasce fino a 80 cm.

  • The multi-needle sewing machine guarantees efficient, high-speed production up to 1600 RPM, able to produce borders of up to 80 cm.
  • Interior lighting.
  • The border machine block is installed on a mobile carriage to make machine maintenance easier. The infeed border machines can be configured to meet customer needs.
  • The puller rollers are opened and closed by pneumatic actuators to provide fast machine set-up.
  • Quick locking coupling ensure that the material infeed creel is highly customizable. Each support has an end-of-material sensor.
  • The production speed can be varied.
  • Step-by-step operation.
  • Guaranteed torque even at low rpm.
  • Simplified threading.
  • Option of equipping the machine with INDUSTRY 4.0 devices.


The following optionals are available on request:

  • Front roll packing machine with multi-plate clutch and controlled rolling (“dancer”), which ensure smooth and even tension over the full length of the border.
  • “NO MAINTANANCE” system of high-efficiency cutters (designed by MONTENERO) for trimming the border. Automatic continuous trimming during operation ELIMINATES downtime to replace the blades and/or any risks arising from automatic sharpening using stones.

If you are interested in the MAGO 2.0 border machine or other special machines for mattresses/pillows, please contact us for a no-obligation quotation