MBS Air Table

date_range 04 May 2021 access_time 12:04

Simple and effective work equipment

The air table is specially designed to reduce one of the most common problems encountered by mattress manufacturers (as well as other manufacturers using similar procedures): the large weight and physical bulk of some components being processed, such as the mattress covers.

Banco Soffiante - Montenero

In fact, sewing and finishing processes become slower and more complex with very wide and heavy cloth panels.

We have developed various solutions to eliminate this problem and facilitate the work of operators. The most innovative and sought after is certainly our MBS Air Table.

Its operating principle is almost trivial: a continuous jet of air comes out of holes in the table, making the cloth “lighter” and easier to handle, turn, keep straight during finishing, etc.

It is therefore a technically simple machine, but one that we have designed and built with the same care and attention to detail that we reserve for more complex machines.

The MBS Air Table by Officina Meccanica Montenero is easy to assemble and manage over time: in fact, once in the company, the customer can assemble it independently. While working, its efficiency and robustness prove its worth. 

Periodic maintenance (such as checking the air filters) is simple to carry out, as for all our machines.

Our customers greatly value its silent operation (compared to other similar products on the market), its special ergonomics that make daily work easier, and the top quality materials. The operator can independently adjust the air flow according to the weight of the materials being processed.

You can see the MBS Air Table at work in this video:


Technical aspects:

Our Air Table is a system to aid mattress cover handling during sewing.

It consists of three quick-connect modules, which the customer can assemble independently. The central module has a fan to generate the air flow, as well as an intake filter.


  • The supporting structure consists of three modules made from aluminium profiles, while the work tables are made of composite materials.

  • The materials used ensure rigidity and lightness, while making it easy to assemble.

  • The removable worktops guarantee easy access for maintenance.

  • The intake filter can be removed and inspected easily. Its large surface ensures that enough air can pass, even when there are impurities.

  • A special system of holes guarantees greater air flow where most weight is concentrated.

  • The operator can control the flow rate according to the weight of the fabrics being processed.

If you are interested in the MBS Air Table or other special machines for mattresses/pillows, please contact us for a no-obligation quotation.