Roller conveyors for mattresses

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Roller conveyors for mattresses, or any roller conveyors? The benefits of specialization.

Roller conveyors for handling goods are part of virtually any production process on an industrial scale. They are, therefore, common equipment, often made by general mechanical workshops, and (as always happens) their complexity it underestimated.

Montenero Conveyors
Montenero Conveyors
Montenero Conveyors

Yes, because you might think they are all the same, but that is not the case: only perfect functionality allows a company to maintain full production efficiency, and each kind of goods to be handled has specific characteristics that are different from other kinds of production.

Managing these specific characteristics with great care, anticipating the possible problems, and knowing the environments in which the roller conveyor will be installed is often the key to providing a top quality machine.

It is not hard to understand what characteristics are needed to handle a mattress: it has considerable bulk and weight and its surfaces offer a certain kind of specific resistance...

Therefore special handling machines must take this into account. It will therefore be easier to optimize their design and construction if the designer knows the article and its production cycle.

Because we are specialized in machinery for mattress manufacturers, we at Officine Meccaniche Montenero have developed two specific roller conveyor models for mattresses: a special two-way roller conveyor, and a four-way one.

Our roller conveyors for mattress manufacturers have travelled a lot... they are even in Russia! Why? Because they have a high degree of specialization and top customization options.

Special roller conveyors by Officine Meccaniche Montenero

The roller conveyors that we design and build have all the attention to detail typical of our work:

  • Our industry-specific experience means we can optimize every detail to manage mattresses (of any size) and the related manufacturing process.
  • As always, everything is designed and built in-house: we maintain complete control over ever work stage, to ensure both full quality and the utmost flexibility in order to adapt to the demands of each individual customer.
  • We always focus on the overall comfort associated with the machine (e.g. we can equip them with removable legs to facilitate movement). We are also attentive to the practical needs of the operator working on the machine.
  • Like all our products, our special roller conveyors are designed for quick and easy maintenance and repair (e.g. through the way in which the belts are fitted).

In addition to being designed and built, roller conveyors also need to be programmed.

Programming is an essential work stage because it requires attention to everything involved in the production cycle organization.

In fact, we do not just sell the machine, but we provide specific advice, follow the roller conveyor installation on site and program it as needed by our customer.

Montenero Conveyors

Roller conveyor models for mattresses offered by Montenero

The main features of OMM – Officina Meccanica Montenero roller conveyors are:

  • All types of roller conveyor are easy to transport and install.
  • The structure is easy to disassemble. A complete line can be loaded into a single container.
  • Transmission belts with simplified tensioning.
  • The belts can be changed without disassembling the machine.
  • Adjustable structure height.
  • Top quality components.

We have developed standard two-way and four-way models (which can be customized to meet customer requirements):

OMM two-way roller conveyors, main features:

  • High mechanical strength and friction coefficient.
  • Simplified tensioning system.

OMM four-way roller conveyors, main features:

  • Balanced lifting ensures an extremely light structure.
  • Allows the use of a single piston.

We invite you to watch the video below about our special roller conveyors:

If you want to read the technical details of the product, download the technical manuals from the following website: