Second Hand Service

date_range 14 May 2020 access_time 08:26

Second hand fly comb systems and overhauled machinery for mattress manufacturers

We like to offer you the most advanced machinery, but we also want to make sure you can use it for a long time. That is why we have opened a section dedicated to second hand equipment on our website. For example, you can find...

Montenero Second Hand

Accessories for carding machines:

  • comb boxes for carding machines
  • complete fly combs of various models and types
  • other accessories and components of various kinds.

Complete machines:

All second hand machines can be overhauled to give you high standards of quality and functionality, as always. This solution means you can benefit from a good compromise between economy and the need for a machine the can reliably perform your processing.

The SECOND HAND section is on our website

We invite you to visit it regularly to take advantage of the best opportunities, or to contact us and directly communicate your interest in certain accessories or complete machinery.