three versions of the ARPI10

date_range 02 September 2020 access_time 15:47

A few years have passed since we developed the ARPI10 pillow roll packing machine: an essential machine for mattress manufacturers because it reduces the bulky volume of a pillow or mattress, making it easier to handle and giving the customer better performance.

In recent years we have been able to design and build increasingly efficient roll packing systems and improve the ARPI10 design, thanks also to feedback from our customers. 

Packing Machine ARPI 10 - Montenero

In fact, the first thing we noted was how often we were asked to customize the basic model, sometimes with a lot of detail. These customizations often depended on the end use (e.g. pillows or toppers, etc.), so we decided to take heed and present various versions of our ARPI10.

In fact, today the ARPI10 is already available in three base versions:

  • The original ARPI10 perfect for roll packing pillows.
  • The ARPI10 for those who also need to pack baby mattresses.
  • The ARPI10 for those looking for the greatest flexibility: pillows, baby mattresses and toppers.

Of course, we are always at your disposal to make any changes to the machine needed to meet the specific needs of each company; however, the option of starting from models optimized for different products means we can guarantee much greater efficiency.

The features of the ARPI10 roll packing machine

The ARPI10 roll packing machine for pillows or baby mattresses is:

  1. Fast: it can process at least six pillows per minute (for individual pieces).
  2. Simple to use:  for example, it has a PLC with a touch interface, so you can control all process parameters quickly and intuitively.

Set up for faster and more convenient maintenance. In fact, we designed it so that the drive mechanisms are easily accessible, and focussed on the little details that simplify periodic or unscheduled maintenance. 

There are also other features that make the ARPI10 especially interesting compared to other roll packing machines on the market. 

Specifically, it is possible to control the film tension (i.e. the final roll diameter) and the tail length; this is based on a patented tapered rolling system that ensures the roll has a regular shape, while preventing problems during extraction. 

Both sealing and cutting are controlled by pulsed temperature regulators to ensure continuous temperature control and save energy compared to standard regulators.

We invite you to watch this video, which shows an ARPI10 roll packing machine in operation:

Technical aspects:

To complete the information, we provide the technical specifications of the roll packing machine:

  1. Brushless drive motor: optimal speed control during the cycle.
  2. Support structure optimized to reduce the footprint.
  3. Final sealing and cutting controlled by pulse technology.
  4. Adjustable product collection tray.
  5. Option of setting the final diameter of the roll-packed pillow and the length of the film tail.
  6. Ergonomic safety protection to ensure ease of access.
  7. Maximum time for one roll packing cycle: 10 s.
  8. Machine ready for INDUSTRY 4.0.
  9. Control logic.
  10. CE marking.

If you are interested in a roll packing machine or other special machines for mattresses/pillows, please contact us for a no-obligation quotation.