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Montenero OMTP: This is why Made in Italy really means Quality

Germans are accurate, the chinese are economics, Italians do high quality products. Does it make sense, in 2019, this type of vision? Does it make sense to talk about the superiority of Made in Italy in a technical sector like that of mechanics, of applications for industrial equipmnets?

montenero made in italy

The question is not rhetorical at all. On the contrary, this is a question that many companies ask themselves every day. Companies that have to decide who’ll design and manufacture machines and equipment they’re going to work every day. It is a question that has important implications for the company and a direct economic impact. Both a direct impact (buying price of a machinery or component) and in the medium/long term (efficiency, cost of maintenance, service life of the equipment/machine purchased).

At Montenero, we can boast of providing a completely Made in Italy product; based on first level components from Italy or Europe.

To insist a lot on the Made in Italy, for us, it’s not flag-waving. We are certain it is an added value and a guarantee for quality; in the following article we’ll explain why.

Made in Montenero or born from our experience

monteneroThose who know us, they know our company was born as manufacturer of applications for carding sets. Concerning the bedding industry, at the beginning, we focused on maintenance and reparation for important companies of the area. Only later, we decided to start designing and manufacturing our own machines and applications for the bedding industry as well as special machines.

So, in our DNA, we have an unmistakable mark: We take care of those that works everyday on these machines for maintenace and repair. We can boast of designing with an eye to those that are going to work with our machines, to those that will make everyday maintenance. To those that, sooner or later, will have to repair or adapt the machine to new requirements.

It’s not possible to pursue the goal of real quality, in this regard, if you don’t have the complete control of both design and manufacturing.

monteneroAll our products are made in Italy, or rather Made in Montenero. This is the only way we can achieve the quality standards we have set ourselves. For the same reason, we carefully select our suppliers, giving priority to quality and service, rather than price.

Even when our customers ask for ad hoc changes, we can offer a unique service for customisation of machine. We can keep the full control of production because we have internal designing and manufacturing.

Results: loyal customers, for years, worldwide

When you have customers worldwide (Argentina, Australia, UK,…) that still contact you, year after year, you have the confirmation that “Made in Italy” in your company are not empty words. They are the actual implementation of a total quality principle.

Managing all steps of design and manufacturing, it means have a direct dialogue to our customers. A way to discuss, together, needed customisations. a way for a deep understanding.

We do not fear competitors from other countries, focused on mass market or cheap components. We know we can offer an undoubted benefit in terms of strength, easy use and easy maintenance of our equipments. And we’re proud of it.

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Packing Machine ARPI 10

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Bench MBS

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